Your Rehab Gear

Rehab without leaving the house

The aim of Your Rehab Gear is to have a self contained bag containing the equipment you need to complete your rehabilitation. You can use it at home or take it to the gym to supplement your strength programme. This helps you to keep on track and stay accountable for your rehabilitation, no more excuses!

Take it everywhere, use it anywhere

Self contained

Never need to 'pack' again!


Bring it anywhere you want!

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24/7 access

Rehab at your convenience


No more excuses

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Access from anywhere

Having the ability for you to access purchasing ‘Your Rehab Gear’ is to aid in the rehab process. 

rehab without leaving the house

At home, it means that even on a busy work day we can bring aspects of the gym to you so you can add elements of resistance training and stability work without leaving the house.

No access to the gym? No excuse

One of the limiting factors to clients getting successful outcomes from the rehab process is the access to equipment. Some clients don’t have anything at home or don’t have access to a gym. This not only limits the exercises you can do and how we would write your programme but also likely the success of your return to sport without risk of re-injury.

Reduce the risk of injury

We want to send you back to your sport as good if not better than when you got injured. The equipment available in the Rehab Gear has been put together to ensure we cover a lot of bases for options for different exercises both with or without a gym. 

Bring it anywhere

It is compact enough in size that it can be taken into your local gym that may not have this gear available to members of the public but also allows you to fit a water bottle/phone and keys in the side pockets.

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